Be part of the biggest construction project in New Zealand's history.

A series of earthquakes struck Christchurch in New Zealand's south island in 2010 and 2011 and a significant section of the city now needs to be rebuilt. The Christchurch rebuild will require an additional 36,000 workers by the time of peak reconstruction in the third quarter of 2013, which presents the region with a huge employment challenge but presents workers with unprecedented employment opportunities.




A recent report released by the Canterbury Employment Skills Board estimates that about 23,900 additional trades workers will be needed, including carpenters joiners, painters, plus labourers and concrete and plastering workers. The city will also require a further 12,000 employees to back up the rebuild requirements, including lawyers, accountants and retail and hospitality workers. More than 10,000 houses need to be rebuilt with repairs to a further 105,500 homes. A huge commercial rebuild project is also required which is expected to take at least 15 years to complete.


The rebuilding and repair work on homes is already well underway and the rebuild of commercial buildings in the central city (where the most extensive damage occurred) will commence by mid-2012. This will create huge demand for skilled labour, a demand that will be maintained for some years. A skills shortage list for the Christchurch region has now been established and the list includes occupations that are in demand related to the construction sector. The list includes occupations such as builders, building management-type roles, engineers, professional scaffolders and quantity surveyors among others. One of the key challenges that Christchurch is facing is the shortage of skilled workers that are currently based in the region. Currently there are about 1800 carpenters and joiners, but a further 4800 would be needed at the peak September 2013 period. Likewise there are currently about 600 painting trades workers but an extra 2700 would be needed during the peak.

Manpower has been based in Christchurch for more than a decade and during this time we have built an extensive client network. Manpower is a well-established, trusted partner to a range of employers in Christchurch and through our network and knowledge of the local employment market, our team of specialist consultants are well positioned to assist you secure work. Whether you've just recently completed your trades apprenticeship or you're a veteran within the construction industry, Manpower are positioned to help you in your employment search.

We invite you to register your interest in playing a part in the rebuild of Christchurch by following the link above that best describes your area of expertise. We will then be in touch with details of appropriate work opportunities and updates on how this exciting project is taking shape.

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